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Rock Rehabilitation 

Aims and Objectives of the Charity

· To increase awareness of limblessness and what it means for sufferers in Uganda.
· To promote worldwide the rehabilitation of persons who have suffered the loss of limbs
· To enable the development of services to assist in this rehabilitation by offering training and general education to professionals, orthopedic and prosthetics opportunities, general life skills services
· Set up rehabilitation centres in countries where provision is wanting, eg: Uganda

What are we trying to achieve?

· Set up a charity that is fit for purpose for our aims and objectives – robust processes, procedures, ways of working appropriate, anchored in an evidenced-knowledge/research base– with stakeholders/personnel well versed in the issues that surround limblessness
· To achieve this, in the first instance, we need to provide training for our staff and contributors and then go on to provide training for future trainers.
· Training for trustees – here our aim in training trustees is to ensure effective governance by enabling trustees to access assistance, support and advice through the sharing of knowledge, information up-to-date/cutting edge research and techniques around the question of limblessness; exchange experience with each other in the interests of achieving the stated aims of the charity.


Limbless persons in the U.K in the first instance and then elsewhere/globally as we reach out into other countries where the need is greatest, Uganda, for example, will be well equipped to achieve independence through employability. Our services and resource offer the opportunity for sufferers to boost self confidence and self-belief in order to contribute to community from their own account. Those we are able to assist and support will achieve this by sharing their experience and resultant expertise with people who are less medically or physically challenged.

Rock Rehabilitation aims to contribute within a variety of contexts of which the following are examples:

· U.K- Medical Research. (Limb Loss)
· Marketing products/making certain products accessible to a wide range of those in need ( conduct medical research and promote the development of products that would work for different skins in global contexts regardless of variations in weather conditions.

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