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         Helping limbless people

Rock Rehabilitation vision is to reduce isolation, prejudice and exclusion that is aimed at amputees. Rock Rehabilitation wants to raise awareness and re-educate both amputees and the general public.

Losing limbs shouldn’t mean the end of life. Losing limbs is a challenge to be surmounted. Technological advances in prosthetics, is an advance in humanity.

Ugandan view of loss of limbs:

There is no help for those who lose limbs in Uganda, nor indeed for any form of physical disability. There are no schools for people, who are visually impaired, deaf or have leprosy. There is one hospital for people with mental health problems, but nothing for those with learning disabilities. Children born with a disability are either reared by their relatives or left in an orphanage.

They’re many who have lost limbs through car accidents, land mines, war injuries, industrial accidents. Amputation is undertaken in a general hospital or by a local herbal doctor if hospital fees can not be afforded. The Ugandan view is that if you lose a limb you have lost your life; there is no expectation of life capability.

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Rock Rehabilitations Proposal:

  1. To seek to change the lives of men and women in Uganda who have lost limbs
  2. To offer artificial limbs with training for amputees
  3. To offer employment training in the making of prosthetics
  4. To open a centre for people who are limbless who have no home

The centre to have:

  1. training courses for technicians
  2. training courses for doctors and orthopedic specialists in he use of prosthetics
  3. education of the community and of those who are limbless
  4. employment training for amputees
  5. counselling for amputees and their families

Current aims:

  • To seek a government office in Kampala- Uganda
  • To set up a Rehabilitation Centre in Kampala-Uganda
  • To obtain training for people to learn how to make prosthetic arms and legs
  • Prosthetics could be manufactured by people trained in the UK
  • A training scheme could be started for people to learn the techniques in manufacturing prosthetics
  • Amputees could receive training in the use and care of prosthetics and of themselves when using them
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